soldier looking at the sunset.By Allen Corry, CAPP

A veteran is a person with long service or experience in a particular occupation or field. It can also be a person who has served and is no longer serving in the military. Military veterans who have served directly in combat in a war are further defined as war veterans. We have numerous military veterans and war veterans in our parking and transportation industry.

Technological advances in parking have created tremendous industry opportunities for future employment and career development for the many veterans who have served in the many branches of the Armed Forces. It is the intent of the Veterans In Parking (ViP) organization, which is affiliated with IPMI, to leverage the unique skills and talents of those with military service to help fill the ranks of our industry.

My 30-year logistics experience in the U.S. Army was an ideal fit for the parking and transportation industry. This industry’s collaboration, teamwork, and the numerous facets of the many unique organizations and operations sparked my curiosity and drew me to the parking and transportation business. These parking and transportation organizations remind me of the military.

The parking industry, like every industry in the United States, owes a debt of gratitude to our veterans and benefits greatly by taking advantage of their courage and leadership skills to help guide companies into a profitable future. The veterans we have in the industry stand out positively among other applicants when competing for positions due to the experience, dedication, and discipline they acquired during their military service. They are trained to be effective leaders, focused on being a team, working in unison to accomplish a task. Our industry also looks for veterans because of their many skills and talents. Our veteran employees give back to their organizations and are recognized for their accomplishments and their military service.

We should salute and thank all of our parking and transportation veterans because of their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their families while serving and protecting our country–especially those service members who paid the ultimate price with their lives. If you know a veteran, when you see them, thank them for their service to our country and protecting our nation.

Allen Corry CAPP is AVP, Transportation Business Unit, with DFW International Airport, a member of IPMI’s Board of Directors, and retired from the U.S. Army as a Command Sergeant Major.