Brazilian shopping center Trimais Places benefits from the intelligent parking guidance system provided by Quercus Technologies

Quercus Technologies provides the solution in the field of intelligent parking that the shopping center Trimais Places needed to cover its needs for control and surveillance in their parking area. This Brazilian shopping center has a total of 150 stores intended to serve the public, and it is a building that has a natural landscape in its leisure and social areas with a very powerful visual appeal. Every day, more than 50,000 vehicles circulate near this distinguished shopping center and therefore it was essential to optimize the efficiency of its facilities and obtain greater customer satisfaction with the parking system presented by Quercus Technologies.

Now the 1,749 parking spots that make up the car park of this complex located in São Paulo are monitored and controlled thanks to the guidance system provided by Quercus Technologies.  Currently, the facilities benefit from the monitoring and control offered by the sensors and from the location of the vehicles in the car park, thanks to the license plate recognition in each parking space. A total of 504 Spot Control sensors were installed, which provides maximum security and contributes to a more precise control of the vehicles in the car park.

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