Graphic of a charging electric vehicle in a cityBy Robert Ferrin

A quiet revolution is occurring in the transportation system as national, state, and local governments are planning toward a carbon-neutral future to combat poor air and water quality and climate change.  Automakers, too, are reacting to these currents of change.  A recent Forbes article highlighted a dozen auto manufacturers that will have electric vehicle models in production in 2020.  And forecasts are calling for up to 40 percent of car sales to be electric vehicles by 2040. Put simply, the electric vehicle is here to stay.  With the momentum building, how does the parking and mobility industry fit into an electric transportation future?

In this month’s issue of Parking & Mobility, the IPMI Research & Innovation Task Force, Electrification Working Group asked industry experts to give us some insights into what the future will look like and what we can do now as parking and mobility practitioners to be successful.  Read it here.  And after you read this thought-provoking article, leave the Task Force your comments on what you’d like to see the Working Group focus their efforts on next by taking our two-minute survey.

Robert Ferrin is assistant director for parking services in Columbus, Ohio.