LIVAT Centre Beijing is directly connected to the Xihongmen station of Metro Line 4 and is well connected with the 5th Ring Rd. Also, LIVAT Centre Beijing has a parking lot with more than 7050 spaces, which won the Guinness Record title for ‘World’s biggest underground parking lot’ (in 2016), said by the official website of Ingka Centres Holding B.V.. The 3-layer underground parking lot has a daily average passenger flow of nearly 100,000 and a peak traffic volume of 35,000 at weekend.

LIVAT Centre Beijing

Such a huge flow has made LIVAT Centre Beijing (“the Centre”) become one of the busiest shopping centre in Beijing, and it also has brought unprecedented parking problems. The annual customer survey showed that the underground parking lot faced a series of parking problems, such as not easy to park a car, hard to find a car, etc. Especially, the parking spaces cannot be effectively used on the weekends. On account of that the Centre supplied the free parking services and did not use an effective parking guidance system, many cars were chosen to park here in the nights and also some zombie cars were stayed here all the day. Hence it was difficult for the Centre to supply more convenient parking services for the visitors’ cars.

In order to completely solve these problems, the Centre carried out a comprehensive upgrade for the parking lot. Its 16-in & 16-out lane and more than 7,000 parking spaces have all adopted JIESHUN’s Smart Parking solution.

Efficient Accessing: Creating an Unattended Closed Loop

The 32 lanes of the Centre are all equipped with JIESHUN’s C-series unattended parking dispensers that they have more than 99.8% of license plate recognition rate, reducing the hiring cost of sentry guards, and letting the passing be smoother. In terms of payment methods, JIESHUN fully supports online payment, such as WeChat, Alipay and other online payment methods to achieve “ License Plate Scan to Go”, “QR Code Payment”, “Face-to-Face Payment”. Besides, 24 units of automated payment stations are also working in the Centre–if running out of the cellphone battery, the parkers can also choose to pay by the cash.

C-series unattended parking dispensers supplied by JIESHUN

Parking guidance System: no longer trap into the parking “maze”

JIESHUN has deployed 3,599 HD video detection terminals for the Centre. They can quickly detect the available parking paces by video stream and lead people be there directly. There are so many people in the Centre, the terminals can also be regarded as the real-time monitoring cameras to track back the accident disputes such as vehicle scratches, illegal parking, etc.. It is easy to find the cars for car owners by using vehicle-searching terminal to locate their cars’ positions.

Parking Guidance System supplied by JIESHUN

About LIVAT Centre Beijing

LIVAT Centre Beijing is belonging to IKEA Group, which is now renamed to Ingka Group. The three businesses in Ingka Group are IKEA Retail, which operates 367 IKEA stores that each year receive 800 million visitors, with two billion visits to; Ingka Investments, whose main mission is to protect the financial independence of the group in the long term by investing in strategic businesses outside the pure retail; and Ingka Centres, owning 44 shopping centres in China, Europe, and Russia and welcoming 480 million visitors each year.


“JIESHUN–The world leader in smart parking with 100,000 parking lot installations, positioning No.1 in China. ” Since 2014, JIESHUN has been committed to the implementation of smart parking lots. Established in 1992, Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd (namely ”JIESHUN”, 002609.SZ) is the world’s leading one-stop supplier of smart parking solutions. JIESHUN offers complete and customized Entrance & Exit Control solutions, including parking management system (PMS), parking guidance system (PGS), barrier gates, pedestrian gates, access control, as well as a unified cloud-based platform for centralized monitoring and management.

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