Rachel Yoka, CAPP

It’s a statement or slogan you repeat frequently.

It’s a short phrase that centers you, helps you tackle tough days, and really enjoy the great ones.

(I promise I am not asking you to meditate – although the practice has terrific benefits and you should try it.)

The idea here is to focus your mind and your thoughts in the direction you want to go.

Individually, mantras can be a terrific touchpoint for you to stay focused on your personal values.  In today’s distracted and disrupted world, determining your own values and reinforcing them is even more important (not just for your success, but for sanity’s sake).  If you think about the serenity prayer, it’s sort of like that.  Try these on for size:

  • Progress over perfection.
  • I am present and in the moment.
  • Learn something new every day.
  • My heart is filled with gratitude.
  • Find joy in every day.
  • Small achievements create long term success.

If IPMI had an official mantra these days, it would always be Members First, or Stay Connected.

Short phrases like this can help center employee efforts around those themes and concepts that are important to the organization’s mission.

Reiterating and reinforcing these ideas helps to build and maintain corporate culture – which is even more important as we manage remote work and challenging times.

Personally, once you find one (or more) that work for you, share it with someone who gets you.  Sharing your values that make you YOU, and the words that capture them, in real life with another human that you care about – has remarkable power.

Discussing and determining your organization’s mantras can greatly enhance your team dynamic, and center your efforts, even in unsettling times.

Don’t have a great idea yet? Lots of food for thought here: