In 2019 Stanford University embarked upon its first major expansion, with the addition of a new 35-acre campus in Redwood City, Calif. While this new development marked an exciting and transformative time for the university, it required a significant transportation communication program to assist commuters with the transition.

Located five miles from Stanford’s main campus, the new campus brought together approximately 2,400 employees from nine university departments. At the new campus, more than half would be moving from free parking to paid parking.

Stanford Transportation developed and implemented a robust campus relocation outreach and commute resilience campaign, particularly focused on the numerous parking and transportation changes. The goal was to create a positive experience for the relocating staff members and inform commuters of options, including alternative transportation, mobility options, and telecommuting.

Stanford Transportation collaborated with local transit agencies, which included offering a free transit pass and promoting free and discounted sustainable transportation and mobility programs, including teleworking. The team engaged commuters with a commute survey and events such as “Try Your Commute Days,” First Friday commute events, and bike registration at the new campus.

Stanford Transportation implemented a comprehensive communications plan, while striving for transparency. A monthly email newsletter, “On the Move,” included shuttle updates, garage safety tips, commute options, alternative transportation details, and more. This was a vital resource for employees, connecting them with Stanford Transportation’s Stanford Redwood City microsite.

Stanford Transportation invited commuters to share their commute resilience tips and tricks with incentives for participating. The program was extremely successful, with over 1,000 submissions that are being featured in subsequent outreach. How-to videos helped commuters plan their trips, while targeted emails provided sample commute plans. A sustainable transportation checklist outlined options and resources with links, and commuters received incentives for completing their checklist.

Stanford Transportation succeeded at implementing a creative, interactive, and effective outreach for relocating commuters. Flexible carpools nearly doubled, and approximately 500 SRWC employees joined the Commute Club. Parking & Transportation Services moved to Stanford Redwood City in June 2019. We’re just a call, message, or click away.

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