An Act Relating to motorized foot scooters; amending RCW 46.04.336, 46.04.670, 46.61.710, and 46.20.500; and adding a new section to chapter 46.61 RCW.

WA H 1772 (Washington)

Sponsor: Nicole Macri

Bill Status: Enacted

Effective Date: 30-Apr-19

WA H 1772 concerns motorized foot scooters, redefines motorized foot scooter, provides that Persons under sixteen years of age may not operate a motorized foot scooter unless provided otherwise by a local jurisdiction, provides that a motorized foot scooter may be operated at a speed of up to fifteen miles per hour on a roadway or bicycle lane, and may be operated on a sidewalk or on pedestrian or bicycle trails if authorized by a local jurisdiction, which shall specify the maximum speed of such sidewalk operation.

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