Corinne_OConnorCorrine O’Connor

Philadelphia Parking Authority

In May 1990, Corrine O’Connor started her career at the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) in Pennsylvania as a parking enforcement officer. Over the years, she worked her way up and now serves as deputy executive director. She led four major projects last year that led to the integration of many customer conveniences. First, she led the roll-out of meterUP, a mobile payment application that has had over 5 million transactions and approximately 440,000 downloads. MeterUP accounts for roughly 30 percent of the parking authority’s meter revenue.

The PPA procured and began installation of new touch screen kiosks in Center City. Ultimately, over 8,000 single-head meters throughout the city will be replaced, along with 2,000 older kiosks.

The conversion of ticketing and enforcement was a major initiative and automates the towing and booting processes. O’Connor spearheaded the strategic thinking necessary to craft new solutions to a very complicated system that has been in place for over 35 years.

The PPA was tasked with overseeing the installation of speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard, one of the deadliest highways in the country. Last year, a vendor was selected and the cameras installed. The program has been married with the red light camera enforcement program already administered by the PPA.

O’Connor has testified before the city council and provided input into many ordinances involving on-street regulation. She has also testified before a state Senate committee regarding taxi enforcement, which is part of the PPA’s responsibilities. She has provided input into various proposed state laws regarding license-plate recognition; traffic cameras; taxi, limo, and transportation network companies; and ride-sharing.

The PPA is also preparing various technologies to assist with managing the curb. O’Connor is on several committees for related projects that include an ability to monitor truck loading zones, create and enforce demand pricing, and provide an application to determine real-time availability.