April 3, 2020

Given your role as parking and transportation professionals, we wanted to reach out in case you are asked to assist with the setup and mobilization of mobile testing facilities.  We’ve developed the attached conceptual / planning level traffic control schematic for a hypothetical mobile testing facility within a large vacant parking lot or other similar paved area. We also have recommendations on typical layouts at smaller facilities if needed – Just let me know and I can send that over to you as well. While each location is of course unique and local conditions will vary, we wanted to share these conceptual best practices with you immediately in case it is helpful.  Regarding how many total vehicles can be served at a specific facility, the limiting factors are the number of testing stations and the amount of time it takes to ‘process’ each vehicle. Our focus here was to provide traffic control operation and traffic management concepts-leaving the medical operations and detailed testing requirements to the medical professionals.

Download the Testing Center Conceptual Layout from Kimley-Horn here.

We all want orderly and efficient operations at these essential facilities and we hope this can help you even just a little bit.

Contact: Dennis Burns, Kimley-Horn