Man typing on cell phoneBy Nicole Chinea, CAPP

The last couple of weeks have been an adjustment for the entire world. I realize that many of our parking community are considered essential personnel. Not only are they adjusting to a new way of life at home, but they are keeping operations afloat and meeting the needs of their community.

While transitioning to a totally new work/life structure myself, I received a text message from a fellow mom friend, with a photo of hospital beds lined up in a parking garage and note that she never thought our industries would meet like this.

I am sure that everyone has seen the news piece related to this photo, along with others circling the internet. Travel restrictions have changed the way I am able to support my clients when they need it the most. However, when I got this text message two things came to mind:

  1. It was so thoughtful of my friend to think of me and my parking talk with everything going on right now.
  2. People really do listen to my parking talk.

If you haven’t done so already, take a few minutes to reach out and check in on your neighbor, client, or a random contact from your phone. Parking has always been a people business and with the luxury of technology, we have the ability to keep it that way during our current circumstances. Stay well.

Nicole Chinea, CAPP, is senior project manager with WGI.