Seven Quick Ways to Kickstart Your CAPP

1. Check your eligibility.

  • Do you have a high school diploma or GED?
  • Do you have a minimum of three years of managerial or supervisory experience in the parking, transportation, or mobility industry?
  • Have you completed at least 25 hours of professional development in the previous five years?

2. Review the handbook and download all the details.

The CAPP Candidate Handbook answers your questions! Download it here and curl up with a great read.

Everyone wants to know what’s on the exam and we’ll let you in on a secret—the CAPP Resource Guide is here to help. This essential guide tells you what to study, offers tips and tricks, and what to expect on exam day.

3. Assess where you stand.

Complete the self-assessment and see what you already know and where you may need to invest some additional study time. Need more information on a topic? Go straight to the source here.

4. Talk to a CAPP. 

CAPPs are a friendly crew—reach out to someone you know and pick their brain about the program (don’t worry–they like it!).

5. Practice makes perfect.

Our practice exam helps you envision the testing format and gets your comfortable with the kind of questions you’ll encounter—experience that’s invaluable before exam day.

6. Do the (darn) paperwork.

Get the paperwork ready. You’ll need to fill out a short application and submit a signed endorsement letter. Check out the application. (You’ll need your official CAPP candidate letter to set up a test date.)

7. Commit to a date.

Commitment’s not so scary—get that date on the calendar—it’s the best way to set up a realistic timeline to prep!

Questions? Want to talk it all through? We’re here to help. Gather your questions and schedule a 15-minute prep session with IPMI staff to get you started.  Email us at