Austin, TX (March 5, 2020) – Today, parking asset owners and operators have a chance to leap into the 21st century and get ahead of the technology curve with the launch of FlashParking’s Hardware-as-a-Service, a purchasing model with no long-term contracts. FlashParking is minimizing risk exposure for asset owners and operators that ensure today’s investment provides an efficient, intelligent, and future-ready platform.

FlashParking’s HaaS model wraps 21st century parking technology, business intelligence, and a lifetime equipment warranty into a predictable monthly payment. This gives parking professionals an alternative to the hamster wheel equipment replacement cycle of seven to ten years. As asset owners and operators subscribed to FlashParking’s HaaS model discover new opportunities to diversify revenue and expand into new locations or markets, they can confidently grow their investment with upgrades and expansions without taking on more risk. Mandatory technology updates needed to maintain functionality and PCI compliance are included at no additional cost — a market first.

“We are at an inflection point in the market,” said Alan Poulton, EVP of Sales of FlashParking. “Everyone recognizes that customers, regardless of the industry, want technology delivered as a service. In parking, that means a solution free of the headaches of burdensome PCI compliance and unpredictable upgrades, like the Windows 7 end-of-life obsolescence. The launch of FlashParking’s Hardware-as-a-Service purchasing model delivers exactly that: a solution free of financial risk and antiquated, difficult-to-maintain technology. HaaS is a complete, future-ready, extensible solution with software updates and payment security managed on the customer’s behalf.”

By offering a standard package of hardware, software, maintenance, installation and other support services on a month-to-month pricing structure, FlashParking is creating tremendous value for asset owners and operators. Shifting these costs to an operating expense rather than a capital expense gives owners and operators the opportunity to align entire portfolios, standardize on a single operating system, and revamp static parking garages to become flexible mobility assets for success in the future.At a time when consumer demands are rapidly evolving and the capital needed to meet those demands is scarce, FlashParking’s Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) purchasing model is eliminating risk, tearing down financial barriers, and opening the door to the future.

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FlashParking is the leader in parking technology powering the transformation from isolated parking assets to connected mobility hubs with the first Mobility Hub Operating System. Once underutilized parking assets are optimizing operations, gaining real-time visibility, and connecting to the smart city through FlashParking’s suite of enhanced 21st century parking, a robust business intelligence engine, and partnerships in the logistics, transportation, and mobility ecosystems. In an age when we have more ways of getting around than ever before, FlashParking is creating value at every turn of the modern mobility experience and opening opportunities in present and future markets. Visit to learn more.

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