Woman working by Christmas decorationsBy Jennifer Carroll, CAPP

How do you spend your holidays–the same way your team does?

The  holidays are usually very busy or very slow for many of us. In my part of the parking world, most locations are 24/7/365. Sure, we inform all perspective employees that we are open holidays, but when it comes right down to it, working on holidays is not that fun even if you are lucky enough to get paid time and a half.

It could be a big morale booster if they saw “the boss” working on those holidays, too. I am not saying go work a double on Christmas, but maybe do a quick drive-by to cover a lunch break on Christmas Eve, maybe have a team lunch delivered on a holiday, or even cover a shift on Thanksgiving. There were a few big holidays I spent directing traffic, collecting money, or driving shuttle buses in rainy weather in the muddy overflow lot when all other lots were full.

I assure you that all of these will make an impact on your team members, probably more than you can imagine, and it could cost nothing but a bit of your time. I know I would love it if my boss did it. How about you?

Jennifer Carroll, CAPP, is regional director with REEF Parking.