2019 AOE Winner: Sioux Area Metro Transit Station Improvements, Sioux Falls, S.D.

2019 Awards of Excellence: Best Parking/Transportation Facility Rehabilitation or Restoration

Sioux Area Metro Transit Station Improvements


Owning Agency: City of Sioux Falls, S.D.

  • City of Sioux Falls, S.D., Owner Representative and Facility Project Management
  • Walker Consultants, Project Manager and Engineer
  • GA Johnson Construction, Inc., Project Manager
  • Michael Huber Architects, Architect

The Depot in Sioux City, S.D., is a central bus transit hub for several downtown bus routes. Officially called the Sioux Area Metro Downtown Transit Station, the Depot suffered from years of weathering and exposure. Significant repairs were required, and the facility’s lighting, signage, and accessibility needed to be upgraded to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards and the needs of passengers.

Walker Consultants first performed a condition assessment in 2011 to determine what repairs were needed. The city decided the entire structure and site needed renovated. The biggest challenges were a short construction timeframe and a very small urban site. It was quickly determined that the facility could not remain in use during construction, and a temporary bus stop was created about one block away. This saved the city money by shortening the duration of construction and allowed for continuous construction sequencing.

The project included the complete renovation of the south entry and facade, the addition of two large skylights at the canopy, upgrading to LED lighting, signage modernization, and the addition of an overhang around the building structure. Accessible curb cuts and pedestrian ramps were installed at all pedestrian crossings. Colored, grooved concrete was provided to clearly identify bus loading areas and limit the potential for slipping. Deteriorated paving at the walking surface within the canopy was replaced with colored concrete in a river pattern to simulate the adjacent Big Sioux River. Bike racks were added to complement the bike trail adjacent to the river. The facade was modified to prefinished metal to match the new standing seam metal roof at the terminal building and adjacent to the skylights. This not only updated the style of the facility, but also decreased annual maintenance costs.

Sioux Falls realized tremendous accessibility, aesthetic, and performance improvements at minimum capital cost. The end result of the project is a much-improved transit experience that will serve the Sioux Falls metro area for decades to come.