2019 AOE Winner: Dogpatch Neighborhood Parking Plan, SFTMA, San Francisco, Calif.

2019 Awards of Excellence: Innovation in a Mobility, Transportation, or Parking Operation or Program

Dogpatch Neighborhood Parking Plan


Owning Agency: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), Calif.

  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Parking & Curb Management, Owner and Planner

The Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, Calif., is a unique, artsy mix of industrial and residential uses sprinkled with a dose of brew pubs and chic restaurants. In the past few decades, the population tripled as two dozen multi-family mixed use developments were built. There were 2,600 unregulated spaces that attracted long-term car storage, commuter parking, and recreational vehicles—all of which prevented residents and local business customers from finding parking.

In addition, construction of more than 6,000 residential units was anticipated—in a neighborhood smaller than half a square mile—plus the Golden State Warriors NBA basketball team was building a new 18,000-seat arena at the neighborhood’s northern edge, and the University of California, San Francisco, was expanding its Mission Bay research campus. The neighborhood was in desperate need of a parking solution.

The SFMTA’s Parking and Curb Management team decided to work collaboratively with several neighborhood organizations and other city agencies. This included bike and pedestrian planners, landscape architects, the public works and city planning departments, and the Green Benefit District.

The groups spent more than two years developing a consensus plan around a unique and innovative parking management strategy that would balance the competing demands of multiple stakeholders and incorporate emerging mobility needs. The community wanted improved pedestrian access and safety, expansion of the bike route system and bike-sharing infrastructure, and accommodations for increased bus service and car-share vehicles. The plan included changing parking alignment and reducing parking space supply in some areas to make room for sidewalk bulb-outs, bike lanes, bus stops, car-share parking, and bike-share stations.

The consensus plan incorporates a mixture of residential permit parking, time-limited parking, and demand-responsive metered parking, matching parking control mechanisms to adjoining land uses. Parking controls discourage commuters from parking in the area, leaving more spots available to residents and local workers and reducing traffic congestion. Changing the alignment of parking on selected blocks enabled the creation of pedestrian ways, beautifying the neighborhood, increasing pedestrian access and safety, and discouraging long-term storage of vehicles, including RVs.

The Dogpatch Neighborhood Parking Plan is a creative approach to parking demand management at the neighborhood level. The collaborative process allowed for effective parking management while meeting broader community goals.