By John Mason, CAPP, PMP, QIR

Whether we travel for work or just go back and forth from the office to home, we need balance. For me it’s a suitcase and a plane just about every week. I like life on the road but it will wear on you. Sometimes I get a little homesick. Sometimes I’m sick of being home.

I try my best to make sure I’m home for life’s special events, such as birthdays, games, and important activities. It becomes a juggling act at times. You have to pack in a week’s worth of errands and chores before you leave again. You really have to be focused on things long before they come. Keeping your calendar up to date is crucial. Traveling keeps things separate for me.

When I’m just back and forth from the office, I still have to balance. I need to leave work at the door and not bring it inside the house. If I don’t, the result becomes working at home all night and losing precious time with my family. Sometimes you just lose track of time at the office and before you know it, it’s 6 or 7 o’clock. You wonder where has the day gone, and did I miss anything? We have to separate it where we can.

John Mason, CAPP, PMP, QIR, is project manager with HUB Parking Technology.