Company Aims to Help Modernize Parking Facilities for Current and Future Connected Drivers

CHICAGO, October 22, 2019 — Arrive is accelerating the deployment of its seamless parking solutions across North America, moving from city-based tests to wide-scale implementation of its frictionless technologies. By the end of 2020, Arrive aims to have installed Bluetooth and other technologies in tens of thousands of garages and lots across the U.S. and Canada. Drivers who purchase parking through the company’s ParkWhiz and
BestParking apps, or one of Arrive’s partners like Ticketmaster, Amazon Alexa, or Honda will be able to seamlessly enter and exit garages and lots without making a reservation or pulling a ticket at the gate.

“The way people get from place to place is changing as fast as new technology is developed. It can be difficult for businesses to keep up and a financial burden for parking
operators and asset owners to continue investing in expensive technology,” said
Yona Shtern, CEO of Arrive. “We have developed a range of low-cost and
easy-to-install solutions, and are committed to working with operators and
PARCS companies to enhance their existing infrastructure, making it possible
for them to enable new technology faster and creating a better, more connected
experience for drivers.”

To help the company accelerate its expansion, Arrive has entered into a strategic partnership with Inugo, a New Zealand-based company, to provide Arrive with Bluetooth
connectivity kits that the company has integrated into existing PARCS systems.

“We’ve spent many years building a platform that allows parking operators to have a robust, cost-effective solution for enabling digital access to their gates for a range
of use cases. By partnering with Arrive, we will be able to expand our footprint in North America and collaborate with them to enable seamless access for millions of drivers across the country,” said Ben Martel, CEO of Inugo.

Inugo is the latest hardware solution provider to join Arrive in its pursuit of seamless parking solutions, joining previously announced hardware partners Flash Parking,
Parkonect, TIBA, Skidata and DataPark.

In addition to more hardware partnerships, Arrive is also announcing nationwide operator
partnerships with InterPark and Propark Mobility to help advance frictionless parking and other mobility services.

“Arrive’s unique approach to the marketplace, focusing on connecting parking operators to the millions of customers who will use new technologies in connected cars and fleets, helps Propark enhance our business today, and ensures we are adaptable to the
changing landscape of mobility,” said John Schmid, CEO of Propark Mobility.

InterPark COO James Mueller said, “Arrive’s flexible and collaborative partnership nicely supports our own investments in improving the customer experience without requiring
additional costs.”

Arrive and Inugo will demo the new Bluetooth connectivity kit in the Arrive booth at the 2019 National Parking Association Annual Convention and Expo.

About Arrive

Arrive powers the last mile of connected mobility. The company delivers scalable, friction-free parking experiences through apps, voice and in-dash. Its fully integrated platform makes it easy for companies and brands to offer parking as a solution for drivers, fleets and connected vehicles. Millions of people across North America have access to Arrive-powered parking through the company’s distribution partners, including Amazon, General Motors, Avis, Hyundai, Honda, TomTom, Ticketmaster/Live Nation, Groupon, and many others, and its consumer brands, ParkWhiz and BestParking. For more information, visit

Christie Dooley

Communications Lead