Indianapolis, IN – October 11, 2019 – ECO Parking Technologies (ECO) announced today that they have recently received contracts and orders for 10 new projects for their integrated LED lighting and Vision-Based PGS system called, Falcon Vision®. Formed in 2006 to serve the lighting industry through state-of-the-art US made parking garage lighting, ECO has rapidly advanced to be a technology leader in the Parking space. “With the development and successful implementation of FALCON VISION, the world’s only Integrated Camera-based, Wireless, Object Detection Parking Guidance System, LED Lighting, and Lighting Control System all in one, ECO has been busy serving customers across all sectors of the parking industry.” Commented Jeff Pinyot, President & Chief Strategy Officer of ECO Parking Technologies.

To respect the privacy of our customers, the projects that are included in this announcement will not be named. Future press releases may reveal the individual names and details of these projects. The 10 projects include the following vertical markets: Universities, Municipalities, Tech, and Mixed-use Developments.

FALCON VISION is available for both new construction and renovation projects either integrated into the light fixture, or as a stand-alone system. Pinyot further commented, “With FALCON VISION, we’re delivering rich functionality at a fair and affordable price, through modern IoT and Cloud Native technologies.”

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