MaaS Affecting the Demand for Technology

By Bonnie Watts, CEM

With the demand for more cities implementing Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), it’s no surprise that technology companies are coming out of the woodwork. Patrons are demanding more options and flexibility with seamless accessibility. Delivering and managing all those services is becoming an important component of planning and development for major cities, universities and private operators. If you had a chance to stop by the Start Up Pavilion at the IPMI Conference & Expo in Anaheim, Calif., last month, you would have seen emerging technology poised to address the demand for smarter infrastructure. Ranging from streamlined enforcement products offering LPR and workforce management apps to curb management tools to end-user apps to locate and pay for parking services, the overall theme seemed to focus on harnessing data to maximize efficiency within your operations.

MaaS will continue to require parking and transportation operations to stay cutting-edge and alter previous business models. It will be important to stay ahead of trends and implement technology that will enable operations to continue meeting the customer’s needs. If you’re looking for innovative technology, these companies from our Start Up Pavilion may be worth a look:





RECON Power Bikes


Uncanny Vision Solutions

VADE Group Inc.


Bonnie Watts, CEM, is IPMI’s vice president of sales.