BOSTON, MA (June 26, 2019) INDECT USA, the industry’s leading provider of parking guidance systems, announces a breakthrough in the quest to provide garage owners with a plug-and-play parking guidance solution with their new ‘out of the box’ training set.

The new software enables the INDECT parking guidance system to go live immediately, producing accuracy rates in excess of 99% within days of installation.

“All other parking guidance systems on the market require sensors to observe cars coming and going for their algorithms to learn and achieve accuracy.” said Dale Fowler, President of INDECT USA. “This can take up to 60 days before the system is ready to go live.”

“This can cause issues for new build projects where there are no vehicles to train on until after the garage is open. The owners obviously want the entire garage operational for the ribbon cutting.” Said Fowler.

“Our new training software completely solves that problem because it doesn’t require any cars to be present during the training phase. This means the system can be up and running as soon as the installation is complete.” he said.

“The software incorporates the data from more than 500,000 parking spaces that we have collected worldwide,” said Ingo Herwich, Chief Operations Officer of INDECT Electronics and Distribution. “That’s why the new algorithm is so clever and can be used in so many different garages without any adaptations.”

“It doesn’t matter whether the cars are parked diagonally or at right angles, we have trained for both situations.” said Herwich.

According to Fowler, the ‘out of the box’ solution was first tested in the USA at Dallas Love Field’s new P3 garage where the system successfully achieved more than 99% accuracy within days of installation.

“Often clients are excited about their new parking guidance system and are keen to share it to with their customers. Having to wait can be frustrating. Now they don’t have to.” he said.

Herwich points out there may be some instances where the sensor encounters a garage layout that is completely new or unknown, and the accuracy may drop to 98%. In these situations, the INDECT team collects detailed images of the variation, adds them to the existing dataset and then uses these to boost the accuracy to 99%.

“Our ultimate goal is to achieve 99.5% accuracy out of the box. First time, every time.” said Herwich.

INDECT’s research and development team are constantly looking for ways to perfect the parking guidance experience. Products are regularly updated and refined to ensure they accurately reflect clients’ parking needs.


INDECT is the leading provider of parking guidance systems. INDECT’s systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably.

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