By Shawn Conrad, CAE

After reviewing all the programs, professional development opportunities, and number of exhibitors at the 2019 IPMI Conference & Expo in Anaheim, I had a flashback to my first association and how different IPMI is from that experience. That association was proactive like IPMI, but the industry as a whole was stagnant and thirsty for growth. Fast-forward 27 years and I find myself in an industry beaming with innovative professionals striving to stay ahead of the curve, high-tech solutions to fully utilize members’ resources, and opportunities that appear around every turn.

At IPMI, we take great pride in being a full-service association that offers parking and mobility professionals the training and tools to take your operations and programs to the next level. For those searching for improvement, IPMI offers individual career enhancement (CAPP), industry standards to meet or exceed (APO), and the means to fully utilize the data you collect (APDS).

It’s June. Set a mid-year goal to actively seek out one or all of the certification/accreditation programs listed above. Your career, your organization, and your industry will be the better for it. I’m really looking forward to seeing many of you next week and enjoying so much opportunity in one place.

Shawn Conrad, CAE, is IPMI’s CEO.