By John Mason, CAPP, PMP, QIR

In the course of your life you will have many new starts—new starts with relationships, careers, projects, etc. There’s a wonderful feeling in a fresh start. It is a feeling of betterment and building. If you’re like me, new starts are exciting and a little nerve-wracking; as you walk into anything new you’re always trying to be your best you. You may feel like everyone’s watching and that may be the case, but you should remain confident. What you need to remind yourself of is that they picked you! Folks at that new company, that new friend, or that new client picked you because they feel you have the right skill set, the right personality, or the right attitude to fit the bill.

Sometimes starting new just means leaving something behind. Letting go of a feeling or thought can take the weight of the world off your shoulders and make the sun shine brighter. It’s not easy but to get to the next place you want to be, you have turn to the next page; maybe that page is blank or maybe you know what’s ahead. The point is that you put one foot in front of the other and get there.

John Mason, CAPP, PMP, QIR, is project manager with HUB Parking Technology.