Online Course: Parksmart Sustainability Solution Series 2: Sustainable Purchasing through Cleaning Procedures

Level: Foundational/basic course.

About the course: The four modules that make up this course are modeled after the elements 5 through 8 for Section A: Management of the Parksmart Certification Standard.  The modules are Sustainable Purchasing Program, Proactive Operational Maintenance, Cleaning Procedures – Occupied Spaces, and Cleaning Procedures – Parking Decks. This course will provide information on what evidence and documentation you will need to provide to submit for Parksmart certification.   This course also includes on the job worksheets.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Explain how sustainable purchasing reduces the environmental impacts from materials used in the operations of a parking facility.
  • Report on how proactive operational maintenance encourages preventative maintenance to increase facility lifespan and minimize premature structural deterioration.
  • Predict how to make the best cleaning schedule for occupied spaces and compare the use of sustainable products.

Course Credits: 1 CAPP Points

Time to complete: About 1 hour (Self-paced: Start, stop, exit, and return at any time. Course is available for six months from date of purchase.)

Cost: IPMI Members: $49, Non members: $99

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Thinking of applying to become a CAPP? Successful completion of this course earns 1 points towards the professional development portion of the CAPP application requirements. or 1 points on the CAPP Recertification Recordkeeping Form, Program Type 5.

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