By Kim Fernandez

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are sure to miss the future.

– John F. Kennedy

IPMI embraced the future by adding “mobility” to its name last fall, shifting to where members’ jobs and focuses are going as the industry evolves. And we’re excited that another change is coming to further solidify our members’ importance in the future of the way we all get from place to place.

This month’s issue of The Parking Professional is the magazine’s last. It retires with quite an impressive history. Starting in June, a new magazine will hit your mailboxes and email inboxes—and it’s a very good thing!

Sunsetting TPP isn’t a decision we made lightly. Introducing a new publication is an opportunity to build on our foundation in parking (which remains a top priority) and further blend in the aspects of mobility our members are focusing on. You’ll find content about parking and transportation along with stories, research, and information about all the new trends and technologies coming to the industry as it grows. From TNCs to micro-mobility to all-encompassing transportation systems that blend existing modes with new ones to get people from door to door—and absolutely including parking—your new magazine from IPMI will cover it all, and do it in a gorgeous new design that’s easy to read and hard to put down.

Our big launch is scheduled for June 3 and we can’t wait to take the wrapping paper off and show you our new monthly magazine. It’s been an awesome ride so far and we’re looking forward to fantastic adventures ahead!

Kim Fernandez is IPMI’s director of publication and editor of … you’ll find out soon!