Crain’s Chicago Business Announces Annual Selection

Chicago, Illinois, April 30, 2019

Klein & Hoffman, an architectural and structural engineering firm headquartered in Chicago, announced today that Crain’s Chicago Business placed the company 35th among the 100 Best Places To Work In Chicago.

“To be recognized by Crain’s Chicago Business for the work environment that we have nurtured is deeply gratifying,” said Klein & Hoffman Chairman and CEO Jon Boyd.  “For many years, we have worked to create a sense of family.  We’re a workplace, however, we want an environment that is a warm, welcoming and creative and where people can interact professionally and personally.”

The overall survey score from the workforce also placed Klein & Hoffman 21st among the Best Small Companies.  Fifty-one companies were included in the sub-category.  Last year, in its first entry into the survey competition, the firm ranked 81st overall among the Top 100 Places To Work.

The firm is a member of IPMI and currently is rehabilitating a large two-level parking structure at the Highland Landmark I 9-story office building in Downers Grove, Illinois.  Klein & Hoffman was hired to investigate and design repairs for the emergency repairs to the precast double tee beams.  The firm coordinated and developed a repair strategy, assisted the owner with the planning and the management of the project, which is ongoing.

Klein & Hoffman, which celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2018, started as a traditional structural engineering firm.  It has evolved and now delivers structural and architectural engineering and building technology.  The firm works with a wide variety of clients and  does considerable work in restoration, preservation, inspections, commissioning and adaptive use.

Based in Chicago with offices in Philadelphia, Klein & Hoffman delivers superior results for client projects involving high-rise buildings, campus environments, condo buildings, parking structures and famous landmarks.