2019 Leadership Summit Agenda

Thursday, October 3rd


This event offers five CAPP points toward application or annual maximum toward

A Rising Tide: The Traits and Principles Leaders Seem to Just Know (but Learned Somewhere)
| Keynote: Peter Talleri, Major General, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)

Effective leaders have more than titles in front of their names. The right combination of charisma, enthusiasm, and self-assurance, probably with a healthy dose of luck and timing, make regular people instant leaders—at least, that’s how it seems. And while a few people may be gifted with leadership skills, the truth is that leadership traits can be learned and sharpened with time and practice. Begin building your success by developing the traits and principles of a powerful and successful leader—we believe in you!

The Practical Coach: How to Stretch and Develop Others While Getting Work Done
Presenter: Lisa DiTullio, Your Project Office

Business coaching has evolved from fad to fundamental. Having the ability to coach and develop others is a necessary skill for all leaders. However, with so much to do and so little guidance, how do we successfully stretch and develop others while getting the work done? Successful coaching is based on asking rather than telling, on challenging rather than giving directions, and by holding a person accountable for results.


Brand Yo’Self
Presenter: Madison Huemmer, iParq

Learn how to brand yourself for optimized professional growth in a fun and interactive session. Madison Huemmer, a marketing expert and accomplished public speaker, will lead you through branding exercises showing how to brand yourself and your institution for short- and long-term success. Participate in activities that will highlight the do’s and don’ts of branding.


How to Free up Capacity for the Work that Matters Most
Presenter: Jess Cisco, ActiveLeading

This session will help participants improve their strategic skills. Participants will develop a strategic approach to limited resources, helping them to focus on what will add the most value to their work.


You’ve Got Options: Creating Professional Development Opportunities for your Team
Presenter: Cindy Campbell, International Parking & Mobility Institute

Staff training can be one of the first things to get cut when tightening the budget belt. When we misidentify training and professional development as a luxury, staff may be left feeling under prepared and under-appreciated. Could it be costing your agency more in the long run? This session will explore a variety of options, ideas and approaches available to help you educate staff and develop your team—with or without a training budget.


The Turtle Wins: One Woman’s Experience of Working in a Man’s World
Presenter: Jennifer I. Tougas, Ph.D., CAPP, Western Kentucky University

During this interactive session, Dr. Jennifer Tougas will explore leadership topics from the perspective of a woman in a man’s world. Professionally, she “grew up” in the deep south, where the “good ‘ol boy” network remains. While she will share lessons learned through her personal experiences, she will also call upon the audience to share their experiences as well. The conversation will touch upon various leadership topics, including tracing the roots of your leadership, time management and delegation, and fighting for a seat at the table where decisions are made. It will also delve into timely topics such as dealing with micro-aggressions, Title IX, and #MeToo. Leadership requires persistence and that is particularly true for women. In the end, the turtle wins.


Mind Yo Datas
Presenter: Brett Wood, CAPP, PE, Kimley-Horn

The idea of big data can seem scary. Data is being collected from everywhere all the time and leaders are expected to know how and when to use it. This newfound responsibility also means requirements to adapt to new technologies and ever-evolving policies and regulations around security and compliance issues.

Despite these concerns, the most successful leaders are learning to embrace big data as a catalyst to up-level their careers in three powerful ways.



Bravery and Failure: Risk Tolerance, Project Success, and Lessons Learned: A Panel Discussion  |  Moderator: Lisa DiTullio, Your Project Office

Join us for a celebration of mistakes and mishaps, but more importantly, recognizing that failure is a key part to innovation, growth, and improvement. In this panel session, you’ll hear from four industry experts who will share their project-fail tales. Hear how they failed but learned from their mistakes to create something even better. This session will be interactive, so come prepared to share and ask questions!

Want to know who is speaking? Attend to find out because what happens in this session stays in this session!

Friday, October 4th


Work and Life Balance 2.0: The Shift to Whole Living
Presenter: Andi Campbell, LAZ Parking

Most of us could work 24/7/365 and still not have enough time to get our work finished. As a result, the quest for work/life balance never stops and, in many cases, causes us stress and frustration. Join LAZ Parking’s SVP of HR Andi Campbell for a discussion about making the mindset shift from the work/life balance concept, to a new way, called whole living. Leave the session with techniques you can implement to help yourself and others live and work in a much, much more balanced and authentic way.


Be the CFO of Your Personal Finances
Presenter: Mark Vergenes, MIRUS Financial Partners

There comes a point in one’s professional life when there is so much on your plate that things simply start falling through the cracks. There’s a limit to how much you can actually do and when you reach that limit or go beyond it, it goes from cutting down trees to juggling chainsaws.

When you are in a leadership role, how do you stay on top of your personal finances? By the end of this session, you should have a good idea how to follow basic principles of personal finance management and learn how they can instill leadership qualities.


How Big Tech Fosters Diversity and Inclusion
Presenter: Kati Quigley, Microsoft

Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces isn’t just a nice thing to do. Diversity and inclusion positively affect the bottom line, too. When it comes to fostering an environment in which all employees feel encouraged to innovate, some companies consistently get it right. Kati Quigley will use her years of experience at technology giants such as Microsoft to talk about the best practices those companies are using to design products, services, and events that foster inclusion.


Working Through Change in the Workplace
Presenter: Kim Jackson, CAPP, Princeton University

In today’s workplace, change is frequently the only constant we experience. In this session, presenter Kim Jackson, CAPP, will address the issues every leader needs to understand about managing a changing work environment and how to better help our teams adapt. Topics will include defining workplace change, the change IQ continuum, steps to effective change, and recognizing group dynamics and the specific behaviors that may contribute to poor group dynamics.


Culture Starts with Core Values
Presenter: George Baker, Parkhub.com

94% of executives believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success. But when it comes to establishing a healthy, high-performing culture, it can be difficult to know where to begin. This session explores how core values help build the foundation. By creating and instilling shared pillars of success, leaders are best equipped to align their team in approach and guide their company’s growth.


Motivating, Training and Coaching Your Employees
Presenter: Wanda Brown

To be successful supervisors or managers, we must first understand how effective leadership can positively shape organizational values. In this session, Wanda Brown will provide an overview of how to create a work environment designed to retain good employees and develop others through motivating, training, and coaching programs. Topics will include a broader understanding of how to harness the talent different generations in the workplace bring.