2019 AOE Winner: Miami Design District Museum Garage, Miami, Fla.

2019 Awards of Excellence: Best Design of a Mixed or Multi-use Parking & Transportation Facility

Miami Design District Museum Garage


Owning Agency: Miami Design District Associates

  • Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc., Architect, Engineer of Record, and Parking Consultant
  • KVC Constructors, Inc., General Contractor
  • K/R, Facade Curator and Facade Designer-Barricades
  • Manuel Clavel Arquitectos, Facade Designer-Urban Jam
  • WORK Architecture Company, Facade Designer-Ant Farm

The Miami Design District Museum Garage can’t be missed. Its brightly colored, unique facade showcases designs from five different artists. In keeping with the neighborhood’s dedication to fostering innovative art, the design district’s developer commissioned architect and curator Terence Riley at K/R to develop the facade concept. Inspiration for the facade was drawn from the French surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse, which involves various artists creating images with no knowledge of what the other artists have drawn. They then produce one image whose components don’t necessarily match but flow together as one playful composition.

Five artists and firms were selected. Blending the creative minds of the artists and turning their conceptual designs into realistic, life-size artwork proved to be the greatest challenge. TimHaahs worked closely with the facade fabricators, Zahner, and the five designers to turn their designs into life-size artwork. The roof deck was also transformed with a mesmerizing graphic of a hurricane inspired by Doppler radar imagery.

While the design is the standout, the garage is also a successful mixed-use garage that combines 22,000 square feet of high-end retail space on the ground floor, a valet level below grade with car-lifts, and six supported levels of self-parking. There are 736 public spaces—including 30 spots for electric-vehicle charging—and 191 valet spots. Bike racks are also provided. The entire team worked together to create what is a beautiful canvas of art, while also providing an efficient parking system.