By Casey Jones, CAPP

I’d like to introduce you to Tiffany Brander. Tiffany works for the Missoula Parking Commission (MPC), an Accredited Parking Organization in Missoula, Mont. The MPC is currently undertaking a downtown master plan update, a design-build parking garage is underway that the MPC is preparing to operate, and with the retirement of former Director Rod Austin, Tiffany has assumed the director duties as well as many tasks from her former role as administrative services senior manager. To say Tiffany has her hands full is an understatement.

But another thing you should know about Tiffany is that she is undaunted by her heavy load. She’s focused, driven and steady. On top of her old and new duties, Tiffany is working to become a CAPP. I met Tiffany through the CAPP Mentor Program and we’re on a path together to help her earn her CAPP.

IPMI’s CAPP Mentor Program connects CAPPs in the industry with those aspiring to earn the credential. Together, the mentor and mentee identify professional development goals, build knowledge, and prepare for the CAPP exam, and Tiffany and I would like to share our CAPP Mentor Program experience through a series of blog posts. You’ll hear next from Tiffany about why she’s pursuing her CAPP and why she applied for the Mentor Program.

Casey Jones, CAPP, is vice president with TimHaahs.