By Michelle W. Jones, CMP

This week I traveled to Denver for IPMI’s 2018 Leadership Summit. Boy, is it easy to get around here. I heard people used and enjoyed the A Line, Denver’s rail service, from the airport to downtown. Lots of us used transportation network company (TNC) rides to get around, and they were easy to find in the airport’s well-marked parking areas.

In the area around the hotel, there’s a plethora of parking options. And the city is easy to navigate and walkable. In my few days here, I have walked to several eateries and a couple of stores and noticed people getting around in all sorts of ways: skateboards, a rented e-scooter, bicycles, and a wheelchair. The sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic signals make it easy to get around safely.

Seven years ago I may have not paid close attention to such things, but now I can’t help but notice parking garages, or our members’ names on parking equipment, or really anything mobility-related. And my week in Denver has me curious: In what cities do you find it particularly easy to get from place to place? Please comment and let us know.

Michelle W. Jones, CMP, is IPMI’s director of convention and meeting services.