If you work in a university setting, there’s a good chance you already know about this, but the Wall Street Journal and its readers are taking notice: One of the perks of winning a Nobel prize is often free parking for life.

The story published this past weekend starts with J. Fraser Stoddart, who was named a Nobel prize winner in 2016. He told the reporter that he almost immediately got a call from the higher-ups at Northwestern University, letting him know he would receive a parking spot close to his office at no charge, and it wasn’t an insignificant moment.

“With campus parking spots in high demand, and seemingly always in short supply, these asphalt rectangles are particularly valuable real estate,” says the story, going on to expound on universities that offer precious little reserved parking, much less for free, except for Nobel laureates.

So now you, parking professionals, can say you’re part of one of the biggest prizes in the world. Read the whole story here.