By Vicki Pero, SPHR, Principal, Marlyn Group, LLC

 Bosses direct people to do work while leaders inspire people to perform. The work environment created by each of these approaches can dramatically affect financial results and other performance targets, as people working for a leader are much more likely to contribute discretionary effort due to a higher level of satisfaction and connectivity to the organization’s bigger picture. In Marlyn Group’s 2018 Parking Industry Career Seeker SurveyTM, 44 percent of respondents indicated that an improved company culture would boost their level of engagement, which directly supports this assertion.

A manager who makes all the decisions without any input from the members of their team would likely be labeled a boss. To be a leader requires vision, more interaction, and more trust in both yourself and others. Below are characteristics of each type of manager. Which describes you best?

Leader Boss
•       Influences others with vision.

•       Informs and motivates.

•       Thinks of discipline in terms of coaching to improve performance.

•       Delegates and shares accountability.

•       Acknowledges accomplishments of others.

•       Pushes workers.

•       Manages solely with policies and procedures.

•       Thinks of discipline in terms of punishment.

•       Hoards power.

•       Takes credit for team successes.

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