By Britney Cooper

In 2015, I took a leap of faith and changed professions, moving from an education background to the world of parking.

As a still-relative newbie to parking, I had the pleasure of attending my second Texas Parking and Transportation Association Conference this past March in Houston. I was honored to be on this year’s host committee.

After a year of strategic planning and meetings, the conference came and went. But as I reflect back on the year as well as the conference itself, I can’t help but say that I love what I do. TPTA gave me the opportunity to not only dig deeper into my new industry, but also expand my network. I love being able to step outside of the office, represent my company, and mingle with people who hold the same love and passion for parking that I do. The relationships and connections that are made are something that only parking folks can relate to.

While the everyday  grind of the workday can try your patience, it truly is an eye opener when you get to spend those special conference moments with those who make it all worth it: the parking peeps. Enjoy what you do, but mostly enjoy who you work with.

Britney Cooper is an associate with WALTER P MOORE.