Congratulations to a True Parking Professional

IPI offers its heartiest congratulations to Eula Sanders, who retired from her Lanier parking attendant booth last week at the age of 81. She didn’t go quietly into the next chapter, however. Beloved by her 400 monthly parkers (she knew every last one by name), she was showered with visits, cards, and gifts on her last day at work.

“You couldn’t walk into the cashier booth, there was so much stuff,” says Tina Ried, regional vice president at Lanier. And it was for good reason. “Eula has a tremendously generous spirit,” she says. “Everybody gets a Dum Dum sucker whether they want it or not.” And when the overnight shift workers spilled out of her building in the morning, she greeted them all with sandwiches and fruit—even the neighborhood dogs visited her booth for treats.

Eula, congratulations on your well-earned retirement. The industry will miss you!