Think professional development for employees is too expensive? An Inc. contributor says you’re thinking about it all wrong and that investing in classes and training for employees is among the best investments a business can make. To prove it, Andy Lothian, Scotland’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year, recently offered up three solid reasons businesses should send their people for continuing education:

  1. Personal breakthroughs enable business breakthroughs. He cites a study that showed a direct correlation between leader self-awareness and organizational financial performance to prove this point.
  2. People development underpins enterprise strategy. Lothian says, “It is only talent development that is intrinsically tied to strategic business goals and an organization’s purpose that is worth the financial lift.” Translated: it’s critical to offer concrete tools for success to develop company leaders.
  3. C-speak can help you get to the C-suite. It’s important, he says, for HR leaders and education instructors to use the right words so executives see the value of development opportunities.

How does all this relate to parking? The industry offers a host of unique professional development opportunities, up to and including those specifically designed to develop emerging leaders, which benefits entire operations. Check out the rest of Lothian’s wisdom here.