SmartZone for Schools alerts students and speeding drivers to avoid accidents and save lives

July 14, 2017, Herndon, VA — All Traffic Solutions, the innovation leader in cloud-based traffic management solutions for law enforcement, intelligent transportation and smart cities announces the launch of SmartZone for Schools, the first and only radar speed displays with Audible Alerts that sound when a vehicle traveling over a pre-programmed speed threshold limit passes the sign.

Designed specifically for school zones, SmartZone for Schools gives child pedestrians and bike riders the precious seconds they need to get to safety. The Audible Alerts and flashing beacons grab the attention of speeding drivers so they can immediately slow down before tragedy strikes.  These web-enabled speed signs make it easier for school districts, municipalities and law enforcement to optimize safety and protect students in school zones.

“About 78 percent of drivers speed in school zones, and one in ten are distracted by mobile devices and other unsafe driving behaviors. Add to that the number of students busy talking or texting and it’s no wonder that thousands of students are injured or worse each year,” said All Traffic Solutions CEO Jim Weaver. “Our goal is to lower the incidence of school zone injuries one municipality at a time by giving schools and law enforcement effective, easy-to-use traffic calming devices to keep kids safe.”

“SmartZone for Schools delivers cloud-enabled access and management so users can remotely program and schedule speed limits, alerts and beacons for the days and times when school is in session,” says Andy Souders, All Traffic Solutions CTO and vice president of Engineering. “Speed and volume reports identify which areas require additional safety measures and provide meaningful statistics for effective planning.”

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