By Bill Gavin

From the moment I started my parking journey one thing was clear: I would need to adapt. I am from Chicago and the day I moved to Houston to work for Winpark, my adaptability was put to the test. As I was moving my things from the truck to my apartment in heat to which I was unaccustomed, it started to rain and it did not stop—it was a torrential downpour unlike anything the city had seen in a very long time. My apartment flooded that night and I learned my first Houston lesson: Don’t live next to the bayou.

Fast forward a couple of months. I was used to the heat, no longer lived in a flood zone, and was finally getting into a routine. I felt comfortable and happy. Then a change came my way. I was informed I would be moving from a beautiful Class A garage that was running smoothly to a not-so-nice-looking, leased garage that was struggling to make a profit. I was again forced to adapt but this time was different. I was not afraid of the change; in fact, I embraced it. The new garage posed a ton of new challenges, including finding new revenue streams, marketing, and overall maintenance of the facility. In just a few short months, the situation turned around and the garage started making a profit—a feat that would have been impossible without adapting.

Adaptability is a trait that cannot be taught. It must be learned though real-life experiences. In today’s ever-changing parking world, being adaptable is essential to being successful. I have learned to stay competitive, always evaluating and evolving to meet the needs of clients and customers. Things will change, but the way you manage those changes will ultimately determine your success.

Bill Gavin is an operations manager with Winpark.