It’s an age-old problem: not enough desirable parking spaces to accommodate every driver who wants one. The difference now is the variety, creativity, and sheer quantity of solutions to the problem.

In-car apps built right into the dashboard enable drivers to find the closest parking space. Mobile apps aim to offer seamless wayfinding and advanced reservations. Some cities have installed smart sensors that communicate with apps to locate the nearest open spaces in real time. Parking operators are experimenting with smart-shutter barriers and electronic gates that open up access to more garages and lots.

Each competes for market share and attention to become the standard in parking. You can be the judge as you view and demo tons of the latest parking innovations at the 2017 IPI Conference & Expo, May 21-24, New Orleans, La. From the massive trade show floor to focused TECHtalks with suppliers, it’s the deepest and most efficient way to get an idea of where the parking industry is heading. So you can spend your time on other challenges — we hope finding a parking space won’t be one of them.