By Larry J. Cohen, CAPP

Most of us grow up loving to play in the snow, but as parking professionals, many of us are responsible for removing snow from our sidewalks, ramps, and roofs.

The fun days of making snow angels, sledding, and snowball fights are a distant memory, replaced with spending (burning!) a lot of money removing the mounds of snow. (If we’re lucky, we get to relive with our kids in the time we are not on emergency snow removal duty!)

I have always marked the opening day of baseball season on my calendar as more than just the first day of America’s Pastime. I dream and look forward to sitting in the stands with my eyes closed, enjoying the smells, sounds, and, I hope, warm sun beaming down on Opening Day.

The start of baseball season is the right of passage that the days of snow removal are gone for another year, so let’s celebrate and say “play ball!”

Larry J. Cohen, CAPP, is executive director of the Lancaster (Pa.) Parking Authority.