By Kathleen Federici, MEd

As the key contact person for all IPI Conference education, I have the super-cool job of seeing the titles of all proposed presentations before the selection committee. This year, we asked submitters to create a clever or compelling title that piques interest and describes the educational value of each session while accurately reflecting the session content.

Creativity was not lost on submitters this year. One of the education session titles in the Personal Development track is “Fortune Cookie Communication, Sushi Suggestions, and Tapas Tidbits,” by Benton Schnabel, CAPP. Now what the heck does that have to do with leadership? Come to this session and find out and I assure you that you will get bite-sized communication techniques to digest, as well as something else to chew on.

As for me, I already took a lesson from this title—I bought my family fortune cookies at the grocery store as an after-dinner treat and got a concise leadership message in mine. My advice is to go out and eat your fortune!

Kathleen Federici, MEd, is IPI’s director of professional development.