By Deara M. Person

Today’s job market is extremely competitive. How can women who have separated from the workforce re-enter it? Re-entering the workforce after a long absence is challenging and women tend to face a multitude of hurdles when trying to return to work after family or medical leave. Some women end up starting their own businesses. Others find creative ways to re-enter the job market, but women need a way to rebuild their skills while they gradually work their way back into the workforce.

In 2008, Goldman Sachs started its 10-week Returnship Program. The purpose of the program is to provide professional women the opportunity to return to work by gradually re-introducing them to the workforce. Returnships provide a short period of guided exploration. Participants are able to acquire new skills to meet changes that may have occurred during their absence. Returnship programs are a way to jump-start the careers of professional women. I wish the parking industry had something similar—if you’ve heard of one or have thoughts on this, please comment!

Deara M. Person is a 28-year parking professional.