Parking Solutions Competition logoBy Stephanie Santoro

What are the best ways to encourage and enable ridesharing among drivers? Smartphone apps? Eco-friendly vehicle incentives? Urban planning? Cooperative programs between public transportation and private vehicle owners? I know I’d be first in line to carpool with a work buddy who had the self-flying smart car instead of trudging into the office alone, increasing my carbon footprint in my—gasp—regular car.

IPI is looking for university students—the parking professionals of the future—to ponder this important question. We’re looking for perspectives and proposed solutions from the bright young minds moving swiftly around our cities and towns daily—tech-savvy college commuters who take multiple modes of transportation and know where they’re headed and those who will succeed us in the parking profession.

IPI has launched a competition to reward the best idea for reducing single-occupancy vehicles. A cash prize, trip to New Orleans, La., and big recognition in news and social media outlets are on standby for the Next Big Idea! The Parking Solutions Student Competition is live and accepting registrations. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share this exciting opportunity with the students you know who are solving, developing, and sharing their big ideas! (Are you a university parking professional? Share this with your campus community and help spread the good word about the value of parking.) We can’t wait to hear the next big ideas from the next generation of parking and transportation professionals.

Stephanie Santoro manages program marketing and special projects at IPI.