By Lauri Chudoba

The deadline to renew your CAPP certification is quickly approaching and we want to make sure you’re aware of what needs to be done – before it’s too late!

First, you’ll want to download the CAPP Recertification Guidelines to know what you need to have to recertify. Then, download and complete the CAPP Recertification Recordkeeping Form.

Everyone who took the beta exam in May/June 2014 was notified they would be recertified through January 1, 2017; all paperwork and points need to be submitted no later than December 31, 2016. Check out your prorated number of points in the Recertification Guidelines.

The recertification paperwork is for the last three years and it may take a bit of looking back to determine what conferences, seminars, meetings, or trainings will account for your points.

The most common questions from those who have submitted early include:

  • In Program Type 2, the IPI Conference & Expo is automatically worth four points and the maximum number of points annually in this category is four points.
  • In Program Type 3, you can receive two points per year per board/committee, up to a maximum of four points per year. If you’re on IPI’s Board of Directors or any of IPI’s committees, you will receive six total points – two points for each year (2014-2016) in this section.
  • If you choose to get all of your recertification points by taking the CAPP exam, you will still need to meet the one-point article/presentation requirement in Program Type 4.
  • Program Type 5 includes any online training, including webinars. This section allows an unlimited number of points.
  • The CAPP recertification fee ($150 member, $250 non-member) is required. Submit it with your recordkeeping form.

Missing the Recertification Deadline

Don’t delay. IPI will not accept any recertification paperwork after December 31, 2016. Submit on time so you don’t have to start the process all over again!

For questions or assistance, please contact me at or 571.699.3011. We look forward to receiving your renewal and congratulating you as you enter your next three years as a CAPP!

Lauri Chudoba is IPI’s professional development administrator.