16-11-30-picBy Faith Altman

The Lancaster County Amish are the oldest and largest Amish settlement in the U.S. The Old Order Amish generally live in the southern end of Lancaster County. When traveling through this area, you seem to step back in time and enjoy a much slower pace—the horse and buggy are still their primary form of transportation.

Have you ever thought about where these people park their buggies when they leave their farms to go shopping or to town? There are a lot of different types of parking structures and I thought you might like to see how a Lancaster County business handles this bygone era type of parking.

The photo below was taken at Ferguson and Hassler Supermarket in Quarryville, which everyone local calls Fergie’s. Fergie’s is unique in that it provides not only parking for cars but also buggies. They even have a shelter for the horse as well. All over the county you will find designated parking areas for buggies, which are generally metal rails to tie the horse to. Even in this slower paced living, Parking Matters®!

Faith Altman is IPI’s financial administrator.