IPI_Generic_APO_Logo_FinalBy Rachel Yoka, CAPP, LEED AP BD+C

Have you downloaded the new APO Manual for your virtual bookshelf yet? Whether you are on the path to accreditation or are interested in evaluating best practices for your organization, the APO Manual for Applicants is a significant industry milestone. It is the first and only industry accreditation available to the parking industry and specifically outlines best practices that advance the parking profession, one organization at a time.

Available to the industry free of charge, the manual serves as a guidance document–a road map, if you will–to APO certification. Accredited Parking Organization (APO) is a designation for parking organizations that have achieved a comprehensive standard of excellence, based on 14 categories and more than 150 industry best practices.

The APO Manual for Applicants addresses the fundamentals of the accreditation–the who, what, when, where, and how of the program. It includes a concise summary of eligible organizations, definitions, and summary of criteria that also addresses required items. The document details how an organization can prepare effectively and the appropriate role of the Site Reviewer. It pairs with the information contained in the APO Matrix, offering additional guidance and the intent of each category under Content Area I: Policy, Planning, Operations, and Administration; and Content Area II: Site-Visit Field Assessment.

Download a copy today and let us know how you apply the manual in your organization!

Rachel Yoka, LEED AP BD+C, is IPI’s vice president of program development.