The Washington Post just called parking a dream job. Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived.

OK, so the article was about a dog who’s going to be a “bark ranger” this summer, but still—they put “parking” and “dream job” in the same story. It counts.

Glacier National Park faces an unusual parking challenge every year when the snow finally melts and people start visiting: Attracted by the salty treats humans leave behind, including anti-freeze and spit (gross), mountain goats and bighorn sheep flood the parking lots. Which creeps the people out a little and is a wee bit dangerous.

Enter Gracie, a two-year-old Border collie who’s been hired to keep the big beasts out of the parking lots. She’s already undergone formal training and been issued her orange vest for safety, and the human rangers at the park are hoping the goats and sheep will pay more attention to her than they have to them.

Read about Gracie and her parking dream job here. We can’t wait to welcome her to the industry.