Today’s Earth Week blog post features tangible benefits for people, planet, and profit!

16-04-19 earth day picDid you know that demand-control ventilation systems for commercial garages can cut energy bills significantly? Consumption at a Silicon Valley mixed-use development reduced by 500,600 kWh a year.  In terms of greenhouse gas emissions eliminated, that equates to:

  • Seven passenger vehicles driven for one year or 821,879 miles driven by a single car.
  • Seven garbage trucks of waste recycled instead of landfilled.
  • 124 tons of waste sent to landfill.
  • Five homes’ electricity use for one year.
  • 803 barrels of oil consumed.
  • 370,777 pounds of coal burned.
  • 38,842 gallons of gasoline consumed.

Celebrate Earth Day knowing substantial energy savings are within reach for commercial garage operators.

Submitted by Frank Nagle of Nagle Energy Solutions (NES).