Recorded on April 15, 2015 (60 minutes)

TDM Case Study: Seattle Children’s Hospital

This webinar will explore Seattle Children’s Hospital’s transportation strategic plans and the role Luum plays as the underlying technology platform supporting these parking/shuttle/commuter initiative.


Tyler Simpson is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Luum.  As CTO his responsibilities include infrastructure planning, defining customer requirements, translating requirements into product definition and prioritization; customer deployments, customer support, business development, and time permitting feature development. Tyler frequently presents at parking and transportation industry conferences on the Luum’s enterprise commute management solutions. Prior to Luum, he spent over 10 years at Microsoft, starting as a developer and software architect leading systems development and deployments within the financial services industry. Tyler holds two patents related to web technologies.

Jamie Cheyney, as Manager of Transportation Systems at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Jamie oversees the development and implementation of transportation policy and programs utilizing transportation demand management (TDM) strategies.  Transportation systems include parking, shuttle planning, bike programs, end-of-trip amenities, right-of-way improvements, transit passes, encouragement and customer service. Transportation innovation at Children’s Hospital serves the hospital’s strategic need to aggressively reduce drive-alone commute trips as well as provide best-in-class transportation options to 6,000 employees across seven worksites.

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