Recorded on July 15, 2015 (60 minutes)

Payment Systems: Countdown to EMV Chip Technology Rollout

Europay, MasterCard, and Visa EMV is coming to the United States. The effect on credit card processing is significant across the entire payments infrastructure: including payments practices in the parking industry.  By November of 2015, our industry will be required to accept EMV technology for payments.  Is your organization ready to implement and manage this technology?

This webinar will discuss what EMV is, what EMV does, the planned transitioning to EMV in the United States with critical milestones, and what you need to consider within your operation with regard to EMV implementation.  It will feature best practices and case studies from successful EMV technology transitions.

After participating in this webinar you will know:

  • What EMV is
  • What EMV does
  • What impact EMV could have on my operation
  • What questions you should ask
  • How you should plan ahead


Tom Wunk, CAPP, Vice President of PARCS Solutions, T2 Systems, a firm specializing in the effective and practical application of technology for the parking industry. He is a Certified Administrator of Public Parking and teaches a number of sessions for the IPI CAPP process. A product of the State University of New York system, he is an active member in ASIS, the EMV Migration Forum, and the IPI and completed his CAPP certification in 2004. Mr. Wunk has been in the parking control industry since 1973 and has designed and implemented parking control solutions all over the world. He has developed and provided consultative and operational training presentations for the IPI, ASIS, PIE, and the AAAE. He is a committee member of the IPI Technology Committee, the IPI Educational Committee, the Smart Card Alliance, and the EMV Migration Forum.

Steven Grant is a parking and mobile payments consultant.  Steven has been assisting airports, transit agencies, ports and retail clients with their parking needs since 2009 and has followed the issue of EMV when the migration to the U.S. first began. Steven is currently the vice chair for parking on the Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council and, in partnership with the IPI, led the writing of the recent white paper on the Impacts of EMV in Parking.  Steven is founder and owner of Aberdeen Management Group, a parking and mobile payments consulting firm.

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