Recorded on June 17, 2015 (60 minutes)

Emergency & Disaster Preparation

Parking and transportation professionals go to work every day knowing that at any moment an emergency could turn things upside-down. As parking and transportation professionals charged with the safety and welfare of our customers and stakeholders, we have only one responsible choice: prepare.  Being prepared for an emergency requires having the right knowledge, skills, policies and procedures in place to not only fulfill departmental roles, but also to function professionally and sensibly in unexpected scenarios.

  • Provide guidance to individuals, public and private entities who will be able to understand basic principles in planning for an event which may or may not occur.
  • Explain to others the value in having a plan which includes knowing what items to have readily available, where to go for safety and where to go for assistance after an event.
  • Recognize the need to evaluate a post-disaster situation in terms of what is next, how do I personally recover and how does my business or organization recover.


Geary Robinson, PhD, CAPP, Parking and Transportation Services Director, University of North Texas, has served on the IPI Safety & Security Committee for six years, providing expertise on law enforcement, parking and transit operations.  Co-chairing the committee since 2011, leading successful programs and campaigns, including First Observer. He received his Ph.D. in Planning Design and Built Environmental programs, focusing on transportation planning, disaster preparedness and sustainability; and, is a graduate of the FBI National Academy 209th Session.  His experience includes positions at several universities including University of North Texas, IUPUI, Clemson, Oklahoma State and Arkansas.

Bruce Barclay, CAPP, is the Operations Manager for Parking and Shuttle Services at Salt Lake City International Airport. He has a background in the parking industry extending more than 21 years in the private and public sector. He is co-chair of IPI’s Safety and Security Committee and a member of the Membership Committee. He also is a contributor for IPI’s Parking Matters® Blog.

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