Recorded on January 21, 2015 (60 minutes)

Big Data

There is big data in parking!  Parking operation systems generate data.  Proponents of big data believe that there are relationships in the data that offer tell-tale signs of how your operation is performing.

Big Data in parking aims to bring all systems together (those in within operational and management control and those outside of the operation) so that you can understand the relationships between these systems.  The data that comes from these systems may show important correlations so that you can make informed decisions or take action as you see fit.

This webinar will offer you information on how to:

  • Examine big data and its relevance.
  • Illustrate where big data comes from.
  • Recognize the importance of data policy and practice.


Blake Laufer, CAPP, VP Research for T2 Systems, is a technology nerd who has worked for more than 20 years to apply new technologies to the parking business.  He is currently the VP of Research at T2 Systems where he investigates new technologies and attempts, sometimes successfully, to adapt them to parking.  Blake has been a regular speaker at parking conferences and has authored numerous parking technology articles for trade magazines.  In 2006 Blake was the recipient of the Canadian Parking Association’s “Ed Keate Award” for outstanding contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the parking industry, received his CAPP in 2008, and is a long-time member of the IPI Technology Committee.

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